Special Training with 10th Degree Grandmaster Eizo Shimabukuro

   Grandmaster Shimabukuro conducts special training at the Hombu Dojo in Ginoza, Okinawa.  Extreme Karate students have participated in several special training sessions and highly recommends it to any serious karate student.

   Special training in Okinawa with O’Sensei is an intensive and concentrated training experience where the study includes Shorin-ryu kata, Toei-ryu jujutsu and Okinawan Kobudo.  During kata training, the focus is on the seven aspects of formal practice.  Every kata in our system is covered and corrected.  The jujutsu training covers over 200 empty hand techniques as well as techniques for disarming an adversary.  Weapon training covers the bo, sai and kama kata taught by O’Sensei as well as kumite including bo against bo, sai against bo and kama against bo.

   The trip spans two weeks, but is well worth the commitment.  Training is four to six hours per day split into a morning and evening session.  It includes staying with the Grandmaster at his home, sharing meals and learning history directly from one of the people who lived it. 

   Grandmaster Shimabukuro has also made several trips to the United States and abroad to share his knowledge.  Extreme Karate has been a host dojo to “stateside” special training also.  Most recently in 2008, O’Sensei celebrated his 60th year of teaching and our location was chosen as the host for his banquet.  This was a proud moment for us and we are truly grateful for the honor as well as the support we received from all of his students here in the United States.

For more information on “special training” contact us via e-mail at extremekarate1@cox.net.

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